College Placement Service for Students in Alcohol & Drug Recovery

College Preparation Services (CPS) is proud to announce that we are starting a new college placement service for students who are in Alcohol and Drug recovery. CPS has identified over 100 colleges that now offer Recovery Housing for students who are ready to attend college and for those who plan to return to college. These residence halls are exclusive to recovering students.  In addition, the schools also provide Alcohol/Drug counselors, AA meetings on campus and Wellness Centers.

Finding the college that is the “right fit” for every student is what we do best. But finding the right college for the brave kids in recovery is critical to their future.  The number of colleges that provide special housing for students in recovery is increasing because colleges are beginning to see that these students are in college to start a new life.  Colleges want to provide a healthy environment to maximize the student’s chances for success.

College Preparation Services provides private tutoring for ACT and SAT prep. We provide guidance in the college selection process, assistance with application essays and financial aid forms.

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